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Alberbury with Cardeston

Rights of Way

Rights of Way in Alberbury with Cardeston Parish

The Parish Council is keen to promote the use of local rights of way, which allow you to enjoy the countryside away from roads and traffic. To encourage this activity the Council has set information boards outside the parish halls in Alberbury and Wattlesborough. These have a map showing the various types of paths as well as information on their use.

Shropshire Council has an in house Countryside Recreation Team that is responsible for the maintenance of rights of ways.  For further information or to report problems such as blockages please call 0345 678 9000 or email outdoor.recreation@shropshire.gov.uk 

Landowners. If you are a landowner with rights of way on your land, the Parish Council seeks your cooperation in ensuring that these remain unblocked and useable, not least by reinstating paths across fields after ploughing and seeding and leaving field-edge paths unploughed. Not only are you thereby complying with the law but can also expect the thanks of your fellow parishioners.

The image below is downloadable - just right click on the image and select "save image as"

Alberbury with Cardeston Rights of Way